4 Best Methods to Keep Animals Off Your Property in Virginia Beach

Living in Virginia Beach, dealing with unwanted animals on your property can be a frustrating and persistent issue. Whether it’s raccoons rummaging through your trash or deer nibbling on your prized garden, finding effective methods to keep these creatures at bay is essential.

Luckily, there are four tried-and-true methods that can help you reclaim your property and maintain its peace and tranquility.

From installing sturdy fencing to utilizing repellents and implementing habitat modifications, to even seeking professional wildlife control services, these methods offer a range of solutions that will leave you feeling confident and secure in your animal-free space.

So, if you’re tired of sharing your property with unwanted guests, let’s explore these four best methods that will help you regain control and restore harmony to your Virginia Beach property.


Fencing is a highly effective solution for keeping animals off your property in Virginia Beach. Installing a sturdy fence around your property creates a physical barrier that prevents animals from entering. This not only protects your property from damage but also ensures the safety of both your family and the animals themselves.

When choosing a fence, opt for materials that are durable and resistant to chewing and digging. Chain-link or vinyl fences are popular choices as they provide a solid barrier and are relatively low-maintenance. Additionally, consider the height of the fence in relation to the animals you are trying to keep out. A taller fence may be necessary to deter larger animals like deer or coyotes.

Regular maintenance, such as checking for gaps or weak spots, will help ensure that your fence remains effective in keeping animals at bay.


One effective method for deterring animals from your property in Virginia Beach is through the use of repellents. Repellents work by emitting odors or creating sensations that animals find unpleasant, thereby discouraging them from entering your property.

There are various types of repellents available in the market, including chemical-based repellents, natural repellents, and ultrasonic repellents. Chemical-based repellents often contain ingredients like ammonia or predator urine, which mimic the scent of a predator and signal danger to the animals.

Natural repellents, on the other hand, use plant-based ingredients such as garlic, pepper, or essential oils to create a strong scent that animals dislike. Ultrasonic repellents emit high-frequency sounds that are inaudible to humans but can be irritating to animals, causing them to stay away.

When choosing a repellent, consider the specific animal species you are dealing with and consult with a professional for the best recommendations.

Habitat Modification

To further discourage animals from entering your property in Virginia Beach, implementing habitat modification techniques can be highly effective. By modifying the natural elements of your property, you can create an environment that is less appealing to animals and encourages them to seek alternative habitats.

Here are three key habitat modification techniques you can employ:

  • Landscaping: Maintaining a tidy and well-maintained yard can discourage animals from taking up residence. Avoid overgrown vegetation, as it can provide hiding spots for animals.
  • Fencing: Installing sturdy fences around your property can act as a physical barrier and prevent animals from accessing your yard.
  • Removing food sources: Keep trash cans securely closed and clean up any fallen fruits or birdseed. By eliminating food sources, you reduce the attractiveness of your property to animals.

Professional Wildlife Control

Hiring a professional wildlife control service is a recommended course of action for effectively and safely managing animal intrusions on your Virginia Beach property. These professionals are trained in identifying, trapping, and removing various wildlife species that may pose a threat to your property or safety.

They have the knowledge and expertise to handle animals such as raccoons, squirrels, bats, and snakes in a humane and ethical manner. Additionally, professional wildlife control services can also provide preventive measures to ensure that animals do not return to your property in the future.